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Art Will Save The World!

We are going through one of the most acute phases of artistic and cultural neglect. We argue that the real crisis is not economic but moral. The economic crisis is a consequence of moral crisis. The economic and cultural crisis we are experiencing must be countered by a rediscovery of the true values and, the man in the art rapprochement.

ENG Art is trasgression, Art is provocation, Art is freedom. Double Excess is the canvas Made in Italy, where the artists are free to express themselves, to give light to something true that was not there before. Research, Innovation, Respect for the territory and its best artistic and artisanal excellence, this is the philosophy that fuels our dream. A t-shirt as a painting, the artist as an artisan, the work not hanging in a museum, but hung on the person with simplicity and elegance. (This is our philosophy, that’s our job)

ITA L’ Arte è trasgressione, l’ Arte è provocazione, l’ Arte è libertà. Double Excess è la tela Made in Italy, dove l’artista è libero di esprimersi per dar luce a qualcosa di vero che prima non c’ era. Ricerca, Innovazione, Rispetto del territorio, delle sue eccellenze artistiche e artigianali, questa è la filosofia che alimenta il nostro sogno. La maglia come un quadro, l’ artista come un artigiano, l’ opera non in un museo ma appesa alla persona, con semplicità ed eleganza. (Questa è la nostra filosofia, questo è il nostro lavoro)

RUS Исскуство это нарушение, Исскуство это провокация, Исскуство это свобода. Double Excess это полотно для Made in Italy, где артист может свободно выражать себя и дать miru что то реальное, чего до eтого не было. Философия, которая питает нашу мечту – иследования, инновации, екологичность относительно территории, художественное совершенство и ремесла- . Футболка является основой ,a художник как ремесленник, работы не в музее, а на человекe; просто и элегантно. (Это наша философия, ето наша работа!)

JPN 芸術は違犯である。 芸術は反発である。 芸術は自由である。Double Excessは、今までに無かった本物の何かを引き出すためにアーティストが自由に表現するイタリア製素材の商品です。 探究、模索、革命、美術的で職人的な卓越さへの敬意、これらは我々の夢を育む哲学です。職人的アーティストによる絵画のようなTシャツ、美術館ではなく、人によってエレガントにそしてシンプルに着こなせる製品です。(これが我々の哲学であり、我々の商品です。)


Double Excess was born Nov. 16, 2010 in Prato (Tuscany - Italy). Ever since the 12th century, the city of Prato has been famous for the manifacture of textiles.

Our entire textile production is Made in Prato

The Story

<< The logo Double Excess of the silhouette with the lowered panties was the logo of namesake blues/rock band where I played. During our concerts every night there was someone who said: "Why not try to make t-shirts with your logo?" I started to do the first t-shirt. It all started as a joke, from the garage of the house, with 200 Euros on my savings booklet >> Dr. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli

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High Quality Standards

Double Excess is a fashion art brand entirely Made in Italy to higher quality standards. The production of the garments is continuously monitored from raw material to final product by highly specialized personnel and experienced, which oversees the product in every phase of the process to obtain a linear and high quality.

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