Tuscany has been a laboratory of beauty since the middle ages. For centuries, our roots, our history and art have shaped the beautiful. Today we are committed to preserve this beauty with Research, Innovation, Respect for the land and its naturally active ingredients which are more effective and valuable.


Live” is a scented water with a footnote complex,  slightly masculine,  citrousy and slightly fruity with lemon and peach trees, aromatic and marine grasses cliff: sage, basil, thyme, fennel. Slightly floral, woody and musky with spicy hints of carnation and patchouly


Promotes freshness and well-being for a long time. “Live” is a scented water that has many uses, perfumes the skin and can be sprayed all over the body. It ‘s very delicate and respects the skin’s moisture balance.


Made from natural ingredients with aloe vera extract. Invigorates and moisturizes the skin. It is alcohol free, so it does not irritate the skin. Is ideal for those who prefer fragrances that aren’t too intense, which are often the cause of headaches.